About the Company

We are indigenous company in the oil and gas sector. With our team of professionals, we have been able to meet and exceeds our clients demand in our jobs execution

We are registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs commission with RC1865060. With a combined industrial experience of over a decade, we are well positioned to provide service based solutions to various issues within the oil/gas and maritime sectors.

  • Strategy 90%

  • Project Management 80%

  • Team Work 85%

  • Analytics & Reporting 75%

Why Choose Us?

To play the best outstanding role in oil and gas sector, exploring the topmost opportunities with our best managerial team.

shoreline inspections limited will continue to provide quality services to our customers. We are determine to maintain high level of integrity in our service delivery.

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Speed

Our Skills

We are experts at providing related services within the oil/gas and maritime sectors. Some of our core competences are:

  • Quality Assurance95%

  • Process Integrity90%

  • Speed and Reliability 85%